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Tractor beam (Scientology)

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Source: Hubbard, L. (1979 ) Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary, Los Angeles, Church of Scientology of California

TRACTOR BEAM, 1. an energy flow which the thetan shortens. If one placed a flashlight beam upon a wall and then, by manipulating the beam, brought the wall closer to him by it, he would have the action of a tractor beam. Tractor beams are used to extract perceptions from a body by a thetan. (Scn 8-8008, p. 49) 2. a method of contracting. The tractor beam contracts when energized. (PDC 8) 3. a pulling wave. (Scn 8-80, p. 38) 4. in-tractors are tractors put on the preclear by the environment. Out-tractors are tractors which the preclear puts on the environment. (5203CM04B)

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