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The Seahorse

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SEAHORSE, the traditional Sea Org symbol for standard technology. Formally adopted in 1968 as the symbol of Class VIII, it is employed on documents of the highest priority as the symbol of the continuous dedication of the Sea Org to the maintenance of standard tech. It expresses our highest aim, in that, by ensuring that standard tech as set down by L. Ron Hubbard is maintained, we protect the bridge for all mankind to attain to a higher spiritual state. (FO 3350)



Hubbard, L. R. (1976). Modern Management Technology Defined. Los Angeles, Church of Scientology of California Publications Organization United States.

This symbol has correspondences in form and meaning to  the Lion-headed serpent symbol in Crowley’s Adeptus Major grade, as well as the lion-serpent in Crowley’s Thoth deck, Key XI Lust.

See   The Magical & Mystical System of the A.:A.: by James A. Eshelman (Teth: Babalon & the Beast Conjoined pp 148-149)

At Class VIII, as in Adeptus Major, students “purify” their basic technology. Class VIIIs study their course three times through, for certainty. Class VIII is the highest level of training possible for non-Sea Org members. (Class IX through XII are Sea Org courses.)

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