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1. Who is the source of the “information” the London Sunday Times published December 28, 1969?

Origin of Issue:

On 5 October, 1969, Spectrum published an article “The odd beginning of L. Ron Hubbard’s Career.” The Church of Scientology has sent us the following information.

London Sunday Times 28 December 1969 SCIENTOLOGY: New Light on Crowley


The “information” is written in the third-person narrative mode as if an official Scientology spokesperson is writing about Hubbard.

During the trial in 1984 in Los Angeles Superior Court in Scientology v. Gerry Armstrong, Case No. C 420153, (Armstrong I) Armstrong testified that Hubbard had handwritten the “information” and had instructed his Scientology organization juniors to type it and send it to the Sunday Times. The handwritten “information” was entered into evidence at trial as Exhibit No. 500-JJJJ.

Neither Scientology nor Mary Sue Hubbard, who was an intervenor and co-plaintiff in the Armstrong I case, contested the authorship or authenticity of Hubbard’s handwritten “information.”

Hubbard wrote about himself in the third-person for other official Scientology publications; e.g., HCO Info Letter 14 April 1961 “PE Handout.”


Hubbard is source.


Reporter’s Daily Transcript in Scientology v. Armstrong 15 May 1984