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68. Is Scientology somehow related to black magic?

Origin of Issue:

Attorney Jeremy Malcolm letter of 3 April 2001

The reference to the “Satanic and occult history” of Scientology is false and misleading, as there is no such history and the published and documented history of Scientology proves this. It is understood from your telephone conversation with me that your reference is to the relationship between L Ron Hubbard and Satanist Alistair Crowley (although your Web page fails to explain this).

In relation to Alistair Crowley, the facts of the matter are these: Mr Hubbard, while a U.S. Naval Officer, was sent by the Los Angeles Police Department in the 1940’s to investigate the “Order of Templars Orientalis”, the black magic organisation headed by Alistair Crowley which practised savage and bestial rites, and had involved men from the national rocket program. Mr Hubbard’s mission was successful, the black magic group was dispersed and destroyed, and Mr Hubbard rescued a girl they were using. Correspondence between Crowley (who was out of the country at that time) and his offsider Jack Parsons mentioned Hubbard due to his presence at the group while investigating it. Mr Hubbard never was a member of the OTO group. This correspondence has subsequently been used in a misleading fashion to falsely allege that Mr Hubbard was a disciple of Crowley’s, and therefore to allege that Scientology is somehow related to black magic, which it is not (see attached).


  • Crowley wrote about Black Magic, Black and White Adepts, Black Brothers, Black Magicians in Magick without Tears. 1
  • Hubbard claimed the existence of both Black and White Dianetics. 2
  • See also: Incorporations



  1. Magick Without Tears by Aleister Crowley
  2. Journal of Scientology Issue 3-G. Sept. 1952 Danger: Black Dianetics!