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23. Is all this proven by the correspondence unearthed by the Sunday Times?

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Parsons wrote to Crowley in England about Hubbard. Crowley “The Beast 666″ evidently detected an enemy and warned Parsons. This is all proven by the correspondence unearthed by the Sunday Times.

London Sunday Times 28 December 1969 SCIENTOLOGY: New Light on Crowley


On Jan 5 2010, poster MichaelStaley wrote on forum

The third issue of Starfire contained an article ‘The Babalon Working’ which included all that I could find in the way of accounts of the Working. Since it was published more than twenty years ago I can’t accurately recall the origin of the material, but think that at least some of it had been in a typescript prepared by McMurtry from papers then in the possession of Marjorie Cameron. I’m hoping to include ‘The Babalon Working’ and ‘Beloved of Babalon’ (a study of Parsons, included in the same issue of Starfire) in a selection of articles and artwork from Volume One of Starfire (the first five issues) to be published later this year.

Incidentally, it remains to be seen how much of the unsealed material relates to the Babalon Working. In the wake of the legal action threatened by the Scientologists, Yorke realised that there were potential problems in making available material concerning people then alive. For instance, the withdrawn material included a series of letters from Marjorie Cameron to Jane Wolfe.

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