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The Gerald Yorke Collection

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About the Yorke Collection

John Yorke interview re Gerald Yorke and Aleister Crowley

The Yorke Collection Catalogues

Microfilm Index (2002)

The Yorke Collection catalogue is based on the 1951 catalog prepared by Gerald Yorke with numerous later amendments. Gerald Yorke wrote the entries and descriptions for items with the prefix OS, denoting Old Series. The NS series entries were prepared by the Warburg Institute for the large New Series accession donated by the Yorke family after Gerald Yorke’s death in 1983.

A-Z Index

Hubbard, L. Ron NS43 (57)
57. Borderline Special: `L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology – The Sound and the Fury’.

New series 1-49

New series 50-118

Old series 1-E21

Old series EE1-PE2


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