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Reporter’s Daily Transcript in Scientology v. Armstrong 15 May 1984

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Source: Q BY MR. FLYNN: Why did you send me exhibit 500 quadruple O, Mr. Armstrong? I think I have got a little bit ahead of myself. Let me withdraw that for the time being and go back to 500 quadruple J, “L. Ron Hubbard and J.W. Parsons”; why did you send me that? […]

In The Name Of The Beast: The Devil

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Cornelius, J. E. (2005). In The Name Of The Beast: A Biography of Grady Louis McMurtry, disciple of Aleister Edward Crowley. A Thelemic Research Journal.  (Vol. One 1918-1962, pp. 93-109). Red Flame Productions, Berkeley. Posted with permission. Chapter Nine THE DEVIL The Angel stood on Gilead His Wings a coursing flame Two eyes of piercing […]

The Admissions by L. Ron Hubbard (re: Sara Northrup)

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Source: The Admissions Introduction to The Admissions by Gerry Armstrong Youtube: Gerry talks to David Miscavige about The Admissions (e) Sexual feeling has been depressed by several things amounting to a major impasse. To cure ulcers of the stomach I was given testosterone and stilbesterol. These reduced my libido to nothing. While taking these drugs […]

Attorney Jeremy Malcolm letter of 3 April 2001

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Source: Bradley Woodward PO Box 92 Tuart Hill, WA 6060 Dear Sir – defamation I act for the Church of Scientology in Perth. I refer to my recent telephone conversations with you in relation to your Web page at As discussed, contained on this Web site are a number of allegations regarding […]