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A Magick Life: the biography of Aleister Crowley by Martin Booth

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Booth, M. (2000). A magick life: The biography of Aleister Crowley. London: Hodder & Stoughton. [Worldcat] In the austere postwar years, Crowley had little money. His main source of income was the Agape Lodge of the OTO in Pasadena, California. Germer, living in New York, also sent him a percentage of OTO initiation fees. […] […]

Reporter’s Daily Transcript in Scientology v. Armstrong 15 May 1984

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Source: Q BY MR. FLYNN: Why did you send me exhibit 500 quadruple O, Mr. Armstrong? I think I have got a little bit ahead of myself. Let me withdraw that for the time being and go back to 500 quadruple J, “L. Ron Hubbard and J.W. Parsons”; why did you send me that? […]