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The New Yorker: The Apostate

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In his Paul Haggis profile in The New Yorker, Lawrence Wright touched on Hubbard’s involvement with Jack Parsons and quoted some new claims in this story made by Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis about Hubbard and Robert Heinlein. After the war, Hubbard’s marriage dissolved1, and he moved to Pasadena2, where he became the housemate of Jack […]

Whence Came the Stranger: Tracking the Metapattern of Stranger in a Strange Land

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The premise of this fascinating article is that Robert A. Heinlein wrote Stranger in a Strange Land as an “allegorical recapitulation of Thelema.” The author links Stranger to the Babalon Working through the words of Parsons’ “scribe,” L. Ron Hubbard. Whence Came the Stranger: Tracking the Metapattern of Stranger in a Strange Land In 1961 […]

Correspondence between Jack Parsons and his “Elemental” Marjorie Cameron

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CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN JACK PARSONS and His “Elemental”, Marjorie Cameron Edited by Cameron and Hymenaeus Beta (Fra. Superior, OTO) ©1989 Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel Revision 2 5 Oct 49 Dear Candida According to your last letter – although I may be able to give you valuable technical advice from time to time – still you have […]

Freedom is a Two-edged Sword: Sub-Figura vel Liber Babalon

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FREEDOM IS A TWO-EDGED SWORD by Fra. Belarion, O.T.O. (Jack Parsons) © The Seventh Ray 1976 – C.R. Runyon – Editor Editor’s note: Jack Parsons died in a laboratory accident in 1952. Author’s preface: Since I first wrote this essay in 1946, some of the more ominous predictions have been fulfilled. Public employees have been […]

Book: The Key to the Abyss

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The Babalon Working In 1946, Jack Parsons went alone into the Mojave Desert and made contact with a force he identified as the Mother of Abominations in the Book of Revelation. Parsons recorded the event in what became one of the most notorious documents in the history of Western Occultism; Liber 49, the Book of […]

Magia Sexualis: The Beast with Two Backs

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Urban, H. B., (2006). Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western Esotericism. Los Angeles: University of California Press. Posted with permission. The Beast with Two Backs Aleister Crowley and Sex Magick in Late Victorian England The whole trouble comes from humanity’s horror of Love. For the last hundred years, every first-rate writer on […]

LA Weekly: Changing the System From Within

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Mock Up on Mu recounts (and embellishes) one of the juiciest and most unlikely bits of Angeleno mythology: Scientology honcho L. Ron Hubbard’s collusion (as an undercover agent for Naval Intelligence, we are assured by both church spokespersons and Baldwin) with Jack Parsons — inventor of solid rocket fuel, founder of the Jet Propulsion Lab […]

FBI Files of Jack (aka John Whiteside) Parsons

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Retrieved from Jack Parsons FBI File (1 of 2) (pdf) (Retrieved 28 Dec 2009) Jack Parsons FBI File (2 of 2) (pdf) (Retrieved 03 Jan 2010.) Alternative download thanks to

Lecture 30 October 1956 Education: Point of Agreement

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Now, I have known, been very fortunate to know in my life, quite a few real geniuses, chaps that really wrote their names fairly large in the world of literature and science, and I consider myself very fortunate because they are very rare. What made them so rare? I found something very peculiar about these […]

The Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant

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Acknowledgements The author has at his disposal the entire body of Aleister Crowley’s writings (published and unpublished), and wishes to thank Mr. John Symonds–Crowley’s literary executor–for allowing complete freedom in the use of it. John W. Parsons, head of the Pasadena Lodge of the O.T.O. between 1940 and 1945 observed that Kelley’s life of crime, […]

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