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The Beast 666 by John Symonds

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In the spring of 1945, Parsons met a new aspirant to the Great Work, a young man called Ron Hubbard. Hubbard’s magical potential was very great and he made a considerable impression upon the members of Agape Lodge, especially on Betty, the mistress of Dr Parsons; she soon found herself sleeping with him. Frater 210 […]

Attorney Jeremy Malcolm letter of 3 April 2001

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Source: Bradley Woodward PO Box 92 Tuart Hill, WA 6060 Dear Sir – defamation I act for the Church of Scientology in Perth. I refer to my recent telephone conversations with you in relation to your Web page at As discussed, contained on this Web site are a number of allegations regarding […]

London Sunday Times: Scientology New Light on Crowley

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The Sunday Times, December 28, 1969 LONDON Scientology: New Light on Crowley On 5 October, 1969, Spectrum published an article “The odd beginning of L. Ron Hubbard’s Career.” The Church of Scientology has sent us the following information. “Hubbard broke up black magic in America: Dr Jack Parsons of Pasadena, California, was America’s Number One […]

SCIENTOLOGY: Revealed for the first time. . . The odd beginning of Ron Hubbard’s career

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London Sunday Times (Spectrum) October 5, 1969 In 1946 Aleister Crowley (left), the sorcerer and mystic whose dabblings in black magic earned him the title The Wickedest Man in the World, found a new disciple and welcomed him to one of his occult communities in California. The extraordinary activities of this new and enthusiastic disciple […]

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