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Star (Thelema)

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Every man and every woman is a star. (AL I,3)

I am the flame that burns in every heart of man and in the core of every star. (AL II,6)

Stars in Space

A star is any massive gaseous celestial body in outer space. Stars appear as shining points in the nighttime sky that twinkle because of the effect of the Earth’s atmosphere and their distance from us. The Sun is an exception: it is the only star sufficiently close to Earth to appear as a disc and to provide daylight.

In Thelema, the same flame, Had, burns both in “every heart of man” and in the “core of every star.” An implication of this statement is that the stars may be considered conscious beings in Thelema. The following lyrics from Dead Can Dance, translated from an Algonquian Indian song, convey this attitude and understanding clearly:

we are the stars which sing,
we sing with our light;
we are the birds of fire,
we fly over the sky.
our light is a voice;
we make a road for the spirit to pass over

…for the spirit to pass over…
we are like the wind
wrapped in luminous wings
we make a road for the spirit to pass over

…for the spirit to pass over…

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