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Shell BT (Scientology)

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Source: HCOB 15 September 1978 I NED for OTs Series 1 Confidential NED for OTs RD Theory Of

The sizes of incidents are very often wrong, and an out of valence phenomena occurs. The bulk of BTs and clusters are out of valence and often the pictures seen are very small. Now on the other hand a Pre-OT (who thinks he is running his own incident but is actually running a BT or cluster) can seem to be totally in valence at one point of a chain. Just one point. The rest of it, no. And what the Pre-OT should suspect at that time is that he has a BT that surrounds his whole body. This would be a “Shell BT”. A Clear can go into the valence of and see the pictures of this BT or cluster. All these things confuse a person trying to run this because he’ll take this one point of valence and it sort of “proves” it to him that it must be his incident.
The Shell BT is a composite body entity which is a mock-up that thinks (mistakenly) that it is holding the body together. You can collide with that. I suppose that’s really probably what they think is the astral body, a collection of BTs and clusters molded into a semblance of a body structure. As this “astral body” is highly electronic. BTs and clusters can easily get stuck in it even though they themselves are creating it.

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