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Scientology — The Criminal Cult: Sub-Figura vel Liber Babalon

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Marina’s Manor

Last Update: 24 April 1998

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A.R.S. Web Summary

Publisher’s Note:
The Cult of $cientology is my pet project for the foreseeable future and my Web page reflects this. If you want to give the $cientology stuff a miss, have a look at the other links or visit my archive.This page is mirrored in Australia [RPI Internet], and USA [Best Internet].

Scientology — Criminal Cult

Why am I interested in Scientology? Well…It all started on 26th February 1995, when I first got connected to the Internet via Singapore’s first commercial Internet Access Provider, SingNet. There had been some media coverage about the Internet commencing some weeks before the launch of the service, including a long article about the infamous Canter and Siegel (the spamming Green Card lawyers) and the response to it. This intrigued me greatly, and as soon as I’d downloaded my first newsreader (Trumpet) I subscribed to

In a.c-e.n-a I saw a large number of crossposts from alt.religion.scientology. Remembering the 1980 Readers Digest article about the cult, I decided to have a look at a.r.s.

The volume was incredible, the jargon confusing. It was the heyday of Vera Wallace, Andrew Milne, Rick “Woody” Sherwood and the Cancelbunny. Scamizdat was (or would soon start posting) posting Cult Sekrits. Because I had nothing but an on-line newsreader and I could not stay logged on for long periods (SingNet had no flat-rate accounts) I gave up on a.r.s. for a while. Then Forte released the publicly-available first beta of Free Agent and I subscribed to a.r.s. again. This was in late March or early April.

What I saw of the cult’s behaviour on a.r.s. disgusted me; the Web pages, the affidavits, and the posts by ex-members prompted me to make my opposition to Scientology public.

I made my first post sometime in May, on the lines of “The f**king venom slut has done it again!” — in response to Vile Vera’s repeated posting of the real name and address of pseudonymous poster TarlaStar, whose only “crime” was to criticise Scientology. See Deana Holmes’ History of alt.religion.scientology for more information on the period 1991-1995.

In time I started to collect parody songs about Scientology from a.r.s. and repost them from time to time. I also started a list of anti-Scientology web pages which I also posted periodically and which eventually became the A.R.S. Web Summary.

In August I made my first visit to EFnet #scientology.

In October or November 1995 I made my first Web page (Marina’s Manor) which consisted mainly of a one-entry Index which linked to an HTML version of the ARS Web Summary. Marina’s Manor was given its name by David Dennis. I obtained my first overseas Internet account at Internet Finland.

In 1996 I acquired several more Internet accounts, mainly for the Web space they came with. I started the “Ex-Scientologists Speak” archive and several other archives. The web pages continued to grow, but in a haphazard fashion. This was the year my never-ending search for open news servers ceased (the Singapore news servers consistently dropped about 40% of all a.r.s. posts) when I discovered the Zippo News Service (now known as Newsguy) — the admin (Joe Zip) wrote an irate post to a.r.s. and then removed a.r.s. from the Service in the mistaken belief that the newsgroup was a recruitment tool for the cult. This was, I believe, when the Co$ (“Church” of $cientology) threatened a lawsuit over a number of articles containing cult secret “scriptures” were posted through Direct Read News, Zippo’s Web-based Usenet interface. Joe was persuaded to reinstate the group, and was very supportive during the cult’s six-month attack on a.r.s. which saw over 200,000 spam posts on a.r.s.

In 1997 I moved to Australia. In that year I became a subscriber of RPI Internet Services and Best Internet. I also became admin of, courtesy of Joey Kahn.

1998 will see the slow(!) reorganization of Marina’s Manor and the continuous growth of the Manor and also

And that’s about it.

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