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Scientology ad: The magic formula

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Source Issue 160 (p 29) The magic formula

Source Issue 160 (p 29) The magic formula

The magic formula…
…to put the planet in session1

What prevents a person from being fully in-session? Here you’ll discover Ron’s answer — the one factor he described as both the make-break point of sanity, and the very reason life, is life, grass grows and rain falls.

But that’s just the beginning. You’ll learn the four factors that are not only prerequisite to a session, but to life itself! Here is the “Deadly Quartet” — the exact things which keep a being from interest in his own case, in Scientology or in all of life.

This is the magic formula you can use to revitalize anyone and get them in session — even if they’ve never heard of Scientology!

Here you have two series in one — the London Open Evening Lectures where Ron demonstrates that formula in application, and the London Congress on Dissemination and Help, where he tells you, in depth, how to do it.

In fact, Ron released this technology with just one caution — once you start using it, you’d better be prepared to start accumulating a lot of friends!

* 7 lectures on CD
* Full transcripts
* Comprehensive glossary
* Guide booklet of issues from the time of the lectures

London Congress on
and the London Open Evening Lectures
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  1. “Putting the planet in session” is a common Scientology expression that means getting people onto Hubbard’s brainwashing program he called The Bridge to Total Freedom.  Disseminators induce their prospects to talk about their problems, difficulties and stress factors and then sell them Scientology processing and training as the solution.

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