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Prosperity: Charter Members bring ETHICS & SANITY to the business world (Scientology)

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Source: Prosperity 51 © 2001 WISE

Charter Members bring ETHICS & SANITY to the business world

Charter Members wear an ethics hat for Scientologists in the business community. Composed of ethical WISE members who are themselves examples of LRH administrative tech, Charter Members have taken on a very specific role in society. In the business world, professions and trades often aspire to various ethical codes and oaths; however, despite the best intentions of the majority, unethical practices and dealings still abound. Any group that would flourish and prosper 1  to in such an environment must have its own self-monitoring body. WISE Charter Members fulfill this role.

They take responsibility for all Scientologists in business by helping to build a business community which is impervious to the corruption and out-ethics which is in some quarters “business as usual.”

What is WISE Charter Membership?

WISE Charter Membership is the second highest level of WISE membership. It is composed of business people who standardly apply LRH admin tech and who themselves are ethics upstats. As the name suggests, Charter Members literally receive a charter from WISE to administer the WISE membership in their area. And as this charter includes ensuring local membership activities expand, Charter Members reach out to assist all Scientologists in business in their local community.

What are the activities of WISE Charter Members?

Charter Members form up in their local areas as Charter Committees. As a group, they provide services to their local community. These services include ethics handlings, dispute handlings, assisting members to complete the Model of Admin Know-How programs and in some cases consulting actions.

Churches of Scientology & WISE Charter Members

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, is a non-profit religious fellowship, and as such is in the main composed of Scientologists.

As members of a Scientology religious fellowship, Charter Members assist Scientologists with regard to business-related activities while naturally referring them to their church for matters of a more personal or spiritual nature.

There are also many non-Scientologists who, wishing to benefit from LRH admin tech, use WISE membership to implement this technology into their companies. They can, of course, also avail themselves of all the services provided by their local Charter Committee and can keep their own counsel as regards personal aspects of their lives.

[inset: AS THE NAME SUGGESTS, Charter Members literally receive a charter from WISE to administer the WISE membership in their area.]

Typical Activities of a WISE Charter Committee

Charter Members assist their community and their local WISE membership through any number of different activities; here are some examples:

Example 1. A WISE member finds himself involved in a business dispute with another business person. Despite attempts, it has not resolved.

Obviously, the solution is to apply LRH tech to the situation rather than resort to an antiquated legal system, however business disputes have no place on church lines. So what to do? This type of situation is entirely Charter Committee territory. Charter Members are specially trained to perform dispute handling procedures which are based solely on LRH tech. And the results are spectacular:

“I came to this procedure with a lot of hesitation but with a full trust of LRH tech. The procedure was amazing, as were the results.

“We came in Confusion, we are now going into Normal. We came as enemies; now we are friends. LRH tech properly applied again reached unbelievable results.” 2

“In the course of the dispute handling I cognited on the main reasons I caused this whole thing in the first place. And I have already formulated a policy to not go that route again.

“It feels good to have handled the long term situation finally and have it done. It took some confront but needed to be pushed through.

“I have realized that standard LRH tech can be applied and when it is applied correctly ARC can be restored in any dispute. Also I have a new stable datum that I will use Charter Committee services to help me sort anything out in a business dispute that needs to be handled in our everyday business affairs. It is a great service you are providing to Scientologists in business.”

Example 2. A Scientologist finds himself the effect of some situation in business; so much so, that it is consuming his time, damaging his family life and thwarting his spiritual progress. 3  His local Charter Committee helps him sort out this business situation using tools of ethics and assists him to get LRH admin tech implemented with the Model of Admin Know-How programs, so that the true source of the situation is addressed. This is all done in coordination with the local Church of Scientology and without cutting across the time he would usually spend advancing spiritually.

The above two examples give somewhat of an idea of the activities of a Charter Committee; however, there are innumerable possibilities where a Charter Committee can assist.

The guiding rule is: where it is a business matter, it is the concern of a Charter Member. And when, as a Charter Member, you confront the breadth of this, one’s responsibilities broaden but also simplify greatly.

Many Charter Members, in addition to assisting their local community of WISE members and Scientologists in business, see to the broad dissemination of LRH admin tech through seminars and local outreach activities. In fact, many a Charter Member is also a full time LRH admin tech consultant.

What Does it Take to Be a Charter Member?

Being a Charter Member means taking responsibility for your local community, for Scientologists in business, for WISE members in your area. That means seeing to it that they succeed through the standard application of LRH admin tech and being always ready to assist with the tech of ethics and dispute handling where needed.

There are specific qualifications in order to become a Charter Member and one definitely must be able to apply LRH admin tech to the letter and be an ethics upstat. However, senior to these is one’s desire to help others and take responsibility for the standard application of LRH tech in one’s community.

Training as a Charter Member

A specific training lineup exists for Charter Members which ensures they are fully competent in the handling of ethics and dispute handlings. This training is done in four stages.

The first stage gives one rapid training to handle the common situations encountered. The successive stages of training following this include the Hubbard Ethics Specialist Course as well as the PTS/SP Course and a study of the basic books. The end product is a Charter Member who is totally at cause when it comes to handling business-related situations amongst WISE members and Scientologists in their community.

Charter Members are also provided with special hatting materials from WISE which cover the exact procedures for handling disputes, administering ethics and establishing a functional Charter Committee.

Charter Members play a vital role in their community. Business people are continually interacting with a commercial world which is itself rife with out-ethics and immorality. There are constantly decisions to be made and when people are not trained in the tech of ethics and not competent administrators, then choices can be incorrect, situations can become tangled and the best of plans go awry. In areas lacking LRH tech, there’s little recourse; through Charter Committees the solutions are right to hand, always sane, uniformly workable and everyone wins!

[p. 7. Image caption: Any business person can bring a business-related dispute, grievance or ethics matter to a Charter Member of WISE and be sure standard ethics and administrative procedures will be applied.]

[Image caption: 1. When one business person requests a dispute handling, the Charter Member quickly brings the disputing parties together and gains agreement to apply 100% LRH tech to resolve the situation. An exact procedure based exclusively on LRH tech, re-establishes ARC between the parties and finds the true source of the conflict.]

[Image caption: 2. With such disputes completely resolved to the satisfaction of all, the doors are wide open to increased production. Almost one for one, people find their attention freed up and focused on the future, rather than tied up in the past.]

[Image caption: 3. Charter Members of WISE also work with individuals to address situations in business which are cutting across their survival. The result is business people who are expanding and succeeding through the standard application of LRH tech.]4


  1. Scientologists deal with any interuption in their own efforts to  “flourish and prosper” with Hubbard’s system of ethics.
  2. Confusion, Normal and Enemy are names of  “Ethics conditions,” which have their corresponding formulae. Ref. Hubbard, L.,  Introduction to Scientology Ethics.
  3. I.e., the Scientologist is “PTS” to someone in his/her environment.
  4. See also OCMB thread: WISE, Scientology’s Extortion Racket.

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