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Promo: Welcome to the Golden Age of Tech

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Welcome To The Golden Age of Tech

The dawning of a new age for all SCIENTOLOGISTS is here. The skills and knowledge vital to your eternity can be acquired faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

A new breed of auditor is at hand…and if you can read these paragraphs, that perfect auditor can be you.

Behind that statement is a path to auditing excellence that will turn you into the kind of SCIENTOLOGIST TM you’ve always wanted to be—a living embodiment of LRH TM tech.1

It is a path you’ve always known you must travel, but never conceived it could be so effortless—so accessible.

For the fact is, whether or not you have ever touched an E-METER TM, you can be one of the best auditors on Earth—bar none.

That’s why, when we speak of a Golden Age of Tech, we are speaking of a new dawn illuminating the path to flawless application for every SCIENTOLOGIST on Earth—a new dawn of knowing and using pure truth.

What makes this new dawn possible are three revolutionary training tools that bring a whole new meaning to the words, competence, certainty and “speed of progress up THE BRIDGE®.”

The first of these new training tools is a series of drills, the likes of which you have never seen before. They are drills from the heart and soul of the LRH statement, “The key to professionalism is DRILL.”

What these drills do for auditor training is nothing short of startling; for here is the precise gradient to the making of an absolutely perfect auditor. Not only that, it’s easy, fun and anyone can do it!

The next of those tools bridges a gap in auditor training and will forever end your uncertainties of facing a pc across a meter. It’s called the HUBBARD® E-METER Drills Simulator, and brings the reality of a full blown session right into the courseroom with computerized simulation. In other words, here’s a device that gives a whole new dimension to a practical courseroom.

The final tool, and the most revolutionary, is a new word in E-Meters: Quantum.

What this meter does, and what it means to SCIENTOLOGISTS everywhere is more significant than all previous meter developments combined. For with the Quantum comes the culmination of all LRH wanted in a meter…and that adds up to everything.

So welcome to the Golden Age of Tech and the era in which your dreams as a SCIENTOLOGIST will come true—for real, for keeps.

What you will read in the pages to follow very factually signals the dawning of a new world and your new future as a perfectly trained SCIENTOLOGIST. It will also, very factually, change the face of this civilization, while bringing a whole new reality to the phrase, Let’s clear planet Earth once and for all.

Church of Scientology International, (1996). The Golden Age of Tech. [Promotional Brochure].


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