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Mystic Mountain of Abiegnus (Thelema)

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Here we see an illustration5 of what appears to be the mouth of a cave, with trees growing above it, leading underground to the Qabalistic source of Light and “the eternal center of Life”. It shows the lovers of Divine wisdom rising seven steps up the mystic ladder. The gate contains 7 pieces of advice on dealing with the celestial powers.The symbolism of the mountain and the cavern played an important role in the Rosicrucian teachings of the Golden Dawn. In the Adeptus Minor ritual it states that the tomb of Christian Rosencreutz is symbolically situated in the center of the Earth, in the Mountain of the Caverns, the Mystic Mountain of Abiegnus. This is the mythical mountain that is both heavenly and subterranean. Mt. Abiegnus symbolizes the spiritual journey of the Initiate—who must scale its heights and also find the spiritual treasure deep within the mountain. In Latin, Mons Abiegnus means “fir-tree covered mountain.” However, the Golden Dawn gave the name Abiegnus a much more elaborate meaning involving a complex word-play of Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. In the Adeptus Minor Ritual it states: The meaning of this title of Abiegnus — Abi-Agnus, Lamb of the Father. It is by metathesis Abi-Genos, Born of the Father. Bia-Genos, Strength of our race. And the four words make the sentence: ABIEGNUS ABIAGNUS ABI-GENOS BIA-GENOS. ‘Mountain of the Lamb of the Father, and the Strength of our Race.’ I. A. O. YEHESHUA. Such are the words.

Yeheshuah is the divine name of Jesus associated with the Christian Qabalah—it is the divine name of the God of the Old Testament, YHVH, with the Hebrew letter Shin, signifying spirit, and transforming the Tetragrammaton or “four-lettered name” of God, into the Pentagramaton, or “five-lettered name” of the Redeemer. In the Golden Dawn system I.A.O. is a reference to the cycle of life, death, and resurrection from death.

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Behold the face of your God, the beginning of comfort, whose eyes are the brightness of the heavens which provided you for the government of the earth, and her unspeakable variety, furnishing you with a power of understanding, that ye might dispose all things according to the foresight of Him that sitteth on the Holy Throne, and rose up in the beginning, saying, The earth, let her be governed by her parts (this is the prostitution of BABALON to Pan), and let there be division in her (the formation of the Many from the One), that her glory may be always ecstasy and the irritation of orgasm. Her course let it round with the heavens (that is, let her way be always harmonious with heaven), and as an handmaid let her serve them (that is, the Virgin of Eternity climbing into the bed of CHAOS). One season let it confound another (that is, let there be unwearying variety of predicates)21}, and let there be no creature upon or within her the same (that is, let there be an unwearying variety of subjects)22. All her members let them differ in their qualities, and let there be no one creature23 equal with another (for if there were any duplication or omission, there would be no perfection in the whole). The reasonable creatures of the earth and men, let them vex and weed out one another (this is, the destruction of reason by internecine conflicts in the course of redemption). And their dwelling places, let them forget their names. (This is, the arising of Nemo.) The work of man and his pomp, let them be defaced. (That is, in the Great Work man must lose his personality.) His building, let it be a cave for the Beast of the Field. (“His building” means the Vault of the Adepts, and the “Cave” is the Cave of the Mountain of Abiegnus, and the “Beast” is he upon whom BABALON rideth, and the “Field” is the supernal Eden.) Confound her understanding with darkness. (This sentence is explained by what has been said concerning Binah.)

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