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Memo: Lieut. (j.g.) Heinlein, U. S. Navy, Ret., to Bureau of Navigation re: change of address

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Source: Heinlein archives (ANNA201-09)
Date: 18 May 1940

Robert A. Heinlein

Lieut. (j.g.) Robert A. Heinlein, U. S. Navy, retired, advised the Bureau of Navigation via the Commandant Eleventh Naval District of his new temporary address, care of John Arwine1, 9 West 32nd Street, New York City, New York.2


  1. See Appearances: John Arwine
  2. Hubbard moved to Manhattan in the fall of 1939.  Miller writes “In the early months of 1940, Ron …working under the blue light in the curtained cubicle in his apartment on the Upper West Side, … produced three stories that would come to be regarded as classics- ‘Fear’, ‘Typewriter in the Sky’ and ‘Final Blackout’.” Barefaced Messiah, p. 84-87; Timeline.

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