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Life Orientation Course (Scientology)

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It has been said that most people live lives of quiet desperation. While this may not be true of everyone, how many people can say that their lives are harmonious, rewarding and fulfilling? How many can say they are living the life they once dreamed of? While one is often defined, and remembered, by what he does in life – usually represented by his job – there is of course much more to life than this. True fulfillment and happiness comes when one is fulfilled on all eight dynamics – through family and friends, through the groups one belongs to, through what one contributes to and receives from the other dynamics. When any of these factors are missing from one’s life or enturbulated or overbalanced we find the seeds of turmoil.

It is a fact, however, that one’s job is usually one’s main “hat” in life. It is what we primarily produce and how we support ourselves and it monopolizes a large amount of our attention. Consequently when this activity goes badly, it tends to affect all the other factors in our lives. Conversely, when our other hats, be it husband, wife, parent, become less than ideal, it tends to affect our jobs and all our other hats. Still our work is important. After all, it occupies more of our waking hours than any other single activity, and our success or failure affects our purposes and dreams on all dynamics. For example, the man who is unproductive and dissatisfied in his job brings his disgruntlement and anxiety home to upset his family life, suffers during his leisure time and often loses friends because of his negative attitude. He is certainly not as happy as he could be if he demonstrated a higher level of competency in his main activity. Competence is accompanied by many positive qualities, including pride, satisfaction and a sense of security.

Cf. True Will (Thelema)

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