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Letter: Robert A. Heinlein to Lt. Commander A. B. (Bud) Scoles (14 April 1942)

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Robert A. HeinleinSource: Heinlein archives (ANNA201a-08)
Date: 14 April 1942

RAH writes to Bud1saying that although he was then receiving mail at John W. Campbell’s address (2065 Hilltop Road, Westfield, New Jersey)  he was staying at John Arwine’s2 apartment (9 West 32nd Street, CH4-2567 in Manhattan.) 3


  1. Lt. Commander A. B. Scoles, Naval Aircraft Factory, Philadelphia, per other letters in this file.
  2. See Appearances: John Arwine
  3. Mentions also in this letter an artist, August von Munchausen, a friend of Arwine who made a good impression on Heinlein.

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