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Lecture 11 Dec 1952: The D.E.I. Scale by L. Ron Hubbard

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Hubbard, L. R. (1952, 11 December). The D.E.I. Scale. The Philadelphia doctorate course lectures. Lecture conducted from Philadelphia, PA. Copenhagen: Golden Era Studios.

Romans were tough. They didn’t mince about things, but they had law and a province or a newly acquired country could, in time, become fully accredited so that they would have Roman citizenship which was right to right under law.

And people actually would surrender up to Rome on this bait: justice. And she became powerful under this. She became powerful under it because she respected man, she respected the right that man should have, including the right of religious freedom.

By the way, that is a very, very relative term. You, for instance, today sit here with a constitution which guarantees religious freedom but, by golly, what would happen to you if you started to worship Baal? Man! How that would ring in the tabloids. If you started to worship Lucifer, if you started to worship any of the various gods…

One fellow, Aleister Crowley uh… picked up a level of religious worship which is very interesting – oh boy! The press played hockey with his head for his whole lifetime. The Great Beast – 666. He just had another level of religious worship. Yes, sir. You’re free to worship everything under the Constitution so long as it’s Christian.

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