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Lecture 1 December 1952: Opening: What Is To Be Done On Course

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Hubbard, L. R. (1952, 1 December). Opening: What Is To Be Done On Course. The Philadelphia doctorate course lectures. Lecture conducted from Philadelphia, PA. Copenhagen: Golden Era Studios.

I just got a wonderful wire. Just got a wonderful wire from somebody, day or so ago, and they were going to send me a registered letter that had to be very secret about this whole thing and of course I’m expected and John and Helen are expected to sort of hang on the ropes waiting for this letter to appear and it just came just now. And that’s why I look so pale and frightened. Somebody has just run into one of the standard manifestations. They pick a pc off the street, you see, and they start running them and this pc gets the idea that… uh… he is practically the Prince of Darkness or something of the sort and it’s all a big plot.

Now they just start asking this; the person up to this moment has appeared perfectly a Homo sapiens. And they’re the Prince of Darkness from Venus or someplace you see and that there’s a terrible plot out against everybody in Scientology. And everybody better be very very careful to put up force screens so that nothing like this can get in and so. I’m going to send him back a letter. Uh… so… uh… you say you have some connection with the Prince of Darkness out there and you’re very worried about this. Who do you think I am?

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