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Hubbard’s robe in the Babalon Working

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He [Hubbard] was robed in white, carrying the lamp1, and I in black, hooded, with the cup and dagger. — Jack Parsons, The Book of Babalon.2

The robe of a Probationer is a white Tau robe, without a hood, and with gold braid along the bottom hem, the cuffs, and near the neckline. On the front is a scarlet pentagram. On the back is a hexagram, formed from a descending blue triangle interwoven with an ascending red triangle, and with a gold Tau in the center. Thus, it conforms to the older style of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, which declares, “Before me flames the Pentagram and behind me shines the Six-Rayed Star.”

What is of particular note, however, is that this robe, which every Probationer is to procure, is actually the robe of an Adeptus Minor! Here is a potent symbol for the Probationer, and especially a reminder that, from the beginning, the purpose of the A.’.A.’. work is one, and it is that very task which is best identified with the Minor Adept: to attain to the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. 3



This is the only white robe in the Order G.D. As mentioned in Chapter 2, it is actually the robe of the Adeptus Minor. Photographs of both the front and the back of this robe have been reproduced in Chapter 2. There is more exacting and detailed published information on this robe than on any of the others.

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