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Hubbard’s magic lamp

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He [Hubbard] was robed in white, carrying the lamp, and I in black, hooded, with the cup and dagger. ā€” Jack Parsons, The Book of Babalon. 1, 2

Search for Research 3

All of us want to sell more stories and write better ones. It is hard to believe that there exists a writer with soul so dead that he would not. But, from careful observation, I have come to the heart-breaking conclusion that while writers usually want to do this, they generally fail to try.Writers are the laziest people on earth. And I know Iā€™m the laziest writer. In common with the rest of the profession I am always searching for the magic lamp which will shoot my stories genie-like into full bloom without the least effort on my part.

This is pure idiocy on my part as I have long ago found this magic lamp, but not until a couple years ago did I break it out and use the brass polish to discover that it was solid gold.

This lamp was so cobwebby and careworn that I am sure most of us have not looked very long at it in spite of its extreme age and in spite of the fact that it is eternally being called to our attention.

The name of this magic lamp is RESEARCH. 4


(Emphasis added above.)

  1. Source: Parsons, J. (1946). Liber 49 The Book of Babalon. THE COLLECTED WRITINGS OF JACK PARSONS.
  2. See also: Book Four Chapter X. The Lamp by Aleister Crowley
  3. Source:
  4. Hubbard obviously searched for, and obtained, high level OTO secrets or “research” from Jack Parsons.

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