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Homo Novis (Scientology)

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Source: Hubbard, L. (1979 ) Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary, Los Angeles, Church of Scientology of California

HOMO NOVIS, 1. Homo man, novis new. (BCR, p. 12) 2. a theta-animated mest body possesed of new and desirable attributes; a mest clear, a good, sane rational mest being about a skycraper higher than Homo sapiens. (HOM, p. 40) 3. the Second Stage Release  is definitely Homo novis. The person ceases to respond like Homo sapiens and has fantastic capability to learn and act. (HCOB 28 Jun 65) 1, 2


  1. Cf. The “perfect Man” in The Cry of the 24th Aethyr. “
  2. Also see: Magick in Theory in Practice (Chapter 9 re: “The conscious ego must be destroyed…”

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