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Hollywood, Scientology, Satanism and Suicide: Sub-Figura vel Liber Babalon

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Subject: Re: Hollywood, Scientology, Satanism and Suicide

From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)

Date: 20 Jul 1996 23:35:39 +0200

This letter introduces a document called “Hollywood, Scientology, Satanism and Suicide”, which for legal reasons is nicknamed “The Fable.”

It is located at on the net.

“The Fable” deals with a large group of Hollywood celebrities, Hollywood deal makers and a few politicians who are in a satanic cult that is first trying to take over Hollywood and then the world.

It also contains the timely and never told story of Tom Cruise’s real “Mission Impossible” and John Travolta’s actual demonic exorcism “Phenomenon.”

The content of “The Fable” is like a Stephen King novel, only that it appears to be real people, real events and real places. In small part, the Fable is also the untold story BEHIND the now infamous “Fishman Affidavit.” The Fishman Affidavit was a document that an estimated 2 million Internet users hurriedly searched out and downloaded while it was being removed or censored from various Internet sites since it contained the secret levels of Scientology which the cult charges upwards of $300,000 for.

The CyberWar story of the Internet mass downloading of the Fishman affidavit was so big it was covered on TV and in many news media all over the world.

At one point so many people we trying to download copies from a secret site in Beijing that China had to temporarily shut off its Internet connection because it was using up all the Chinese Internet capacity. The Fable which you have just received now is becoming more in demand than the Fishman Affidavit.

Currently some European media people are doing research on the factualness of the contents of “The Fable.” They believe that if The Fable’s contents are true, its an instant global MEGA story. It has already become a protest document as you will soon read.

“The Fable” content is so volatile it had to be authored anonymously and may have been transferred to you anonymously. When you see who is in it you will immediately understand why all the secrecy is necessary.

After you have reviewed it, add your comments to it as other readers have and pass it on wherever you like.

Enjoy this amazing and censorship-defying reading!

The Editors at


12980 S. W. 48th Street

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33330-2339

(954) 434-9777 Phone

(954) 680-1557 Fax

See also: Operating Thetan Summary and Analysis

1st edition:

Copyright © 1995 by Michael Robinson (all rights reserved) This document may be reproduced and distributed for non-commercial educational purposes.

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In early August, 1995, an electronic version of the document known as the Fishman Declaration became widely available on the Internet. Because this court record contained information jealously guarded by Scientology© organizations, it became the immediate focus of a great deal of interest and controversy.

This information consisted of course materials written by L. Ron Hubbard for a program to transform an individual into a Being with super-human powers, known as an Operating Thetan, or OT. A multitude of people have obtained copies of this material, because of the controversy it has engendered, and the number of very important related issues that have been raised.

However, to a person who has not been trained in the communications technology of Scientology© , L. Ron Hubbard’s style of writing may seem poorly structured, tedious, repetitive, and generally unpleasant to read. As a result, many persons who have obtained copies have found themselves unable to persevere through the entire material.

I have created this summary and analysis of the OT materials to aid precisely those persons who feel it is important to keep apprised of the issues in this controversy, but have found the OT materials themselves too burdensome. I have restructured much of the material for content, rather than process. I have eliminated a large amount of redundant and uninteresting material. And, finally, I have rewritten the material in a style which I hope is more conducive to casual reading.

My hope for this Summary and Analysis is that unindoctrinated readers will be able to get a grasp of all the salient content of the OT materials, and will thus be able to arrive at a more informed opinion of relevant controversies.

I welcome any comments or suggestions for future editions. I request that any excerpts of this work be attributed, and retain the copyright notice. Thank you for your cooperation.

See: 1

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