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Guardian, Guardian Activities Scientologists, Guardian Orders, Guardian’s Office (Scientology)

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Hubbard, L. R. (1976). Modern management technology defined: Hubbard dictionary of administration and management. Los Angeles: Church of Scientology of California.

GUARDIAN, 1. there is only one Guardian, WW for each org. There may be Assistant Guardians in larger orgs acting as liaison personnel for the Guardian. (HCO PL 1 Mar 66) 2. the most senior executive of Scn just below the Executive Director. The post is senior to Executive Secretaries. The character of the post is best understood legally as “trustee” or even “proprietor sole” and exercises the powers and carries out duties similar to that of a high church officer entrusted with the funds or survival of his group. The Guardian may use the signature “trustee” in business letters or dealing with outside interests such as law firms and may claim and establish the status of proprietor sole when corporate status of Scn funds or interests is in question. The Guardian is posted in every executive division by post and name in Division 7. (HCO PL 1 Mar 66) 3. the purpose of the Guardian is: to help LRH enforce and issue policy, to safeguard  Scn orgs, Scientologists and Scn and to engage in long term promotion. The keynote of the post of Guardian is that it functions without being closely involved with the mechanics of administration or orgs. An Assistant Guardian can exist in any org that is big enough. It may not be worn as an additionalonal hat. It is appointed only by the Guardian. A Guardian is appointed by the Executive Director personally. The first Guardian is Mary Sue Hubbard. (HCO PL 1 Mar 66) Abbr. Gdn.

GUARDIAN ACTIVITIES SCIENTOLOGISTS, 1. FSMs who are recruited or volunteer to help the Office of the Guardian are called GASes (Guardian Activities Scientologists). (BPL 10 Sept 72) 2. a GAS is invited to join by the A/G or a GO terminal in his area, sometimes another GAS. He or she is a field Scientologist, who has had case gain, knows that Scn works and does not have a history of being a troublesome source. (BPL 10 Sept 72) Abbr. GAS.

GUARDIAN ORDERS, 1. now blue ink on blue paper. These are issued by the Guardian’s Office to its staffs. They contain policy, programs, orders, directions. They do not retire. They are usually issued by the Controller or Guardian but can be issued by Deputy Guardians and Assistant  Guardians if they so state but no Assistant or Deputy Guardian may issue any order on their own. It must be from the Controller or Guardian or in their name and by their authority. They apply to Guardian staffs and are filed by Guardian Offices. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R) 2. these are issued by the Guardian, and Deputy Guardian to Assistant Guardians. To be valid they must be initialed by the Guardian, Deputy Guardian or their  Communicators in the lower left-hand corner. They are issued blue ink on white paper. (HCO PL 18 Nov 68) Abbr. GOs.

GUARDIAN’S OFFICE, 1. the Guardian’s Office will be composed of six bureaux as follows: (1) Service Bureau, (2) Information Bureau, (3) Public Relations Bureau, (4)  Legal Bureau, (5) Finance Bureau, (6) Social Coordination Bureau. (BPL 27 May 70RA) 2. the Guardian’s Office will be composed of four bureaux as follows: (1) Information Bureau, (2) Public Relations Bureau, (3) Legal Bureau, (4) Finance Bureau. Large continental Guardian Offices may also have a Service Bureau as Bureau 0. These changes are made on the basis of the new functions of the LRH Comm Network in relationship to policy and tech. (HCO PL 27 May 70R) [The above HCO PL was cancelled by BPL 27 May 70RA. 13. the Guardian’s Office handles certain publics which are its sole responsibility. These publics are as follows: press relations, government relations, special Guardian group relations, opposition group relations, troublesome relations. (BPL 20 May 70 I) 4. they have the Guardianship and the defense of Scn in general. The purpose of that organization is basically protection. (7003C15 SO) 5. a Guardian Office covers PR, tech, personnel, legal and other functions external to orgs. Yet they can as easily do internal org work and do splendidly on it. (Gdn Offices consist of picked personnel who are well hatted and trained on post by their central offices.) (FBDL 10) Abbr. GO.1


  1. Hubbard made several admissions about his Guardian. See Admissions re: Ron the Magus.

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