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  1. admin says:

    So far, no one has reported on what the Warburg unsealed. I did what I could to get some other interested person to view the documents, and I provided notice and publicity to protect them. I was aware, however, as I wrote to Miscavige, that they would almost certainly merely confirm what I had already discovered. Neither Miscavige and Scientology’s silence, nor anything else since I wrote him and announced the site, has unconfirmed my discoveries.

    It was Hubbard who cast the OTO and Crowley as the stick in the paradigm, and it’s his 1969 descriptions that give the stick its nature:
    “infamous English black magician Aleister Crowley who called himself “The Beast 666.””
    “the [OTO] had savage and bestial rites.”
    Hubbard found the “black magic rites […] very bad.”
    “The black magic group was dispersed and destroyed and has never recovered.”

    Hubbard was cowardly foolish, I think, to black PR the OTO and Crowley in order to distance himself from them and to manufacture a “reason” for his big lie that he was “sent in” (by the US Navy, or the FBI, or the LAPD, or whatever) to “handle” and ultimately break up the group. Miscavige too, I think, is foolish to not tell the truth about Hubbard’s lies, including his lies about the nature of the occult group in which he was involved.

    Despite having written The Book of Lies, Crowley, was, I believe, far more honest than Hubbard. I think too that Parsons, in his writings that I’ve read, was an honest man. Hubbard didn’t have Crowley’s and Parsons’ courage to tell the truth, and it’s really Hubbard’s lies and lying that’s beating Scientology. In reviewing The Book of Lies right now, by the way, I found more ideas and language Crowley and Hubbard share.

    I’m not saying that Crowley, black magic or chaos magic are my choice of philosophies or ways of life. In fact, as I also wrote to Miscavige, I would never have entered Scientology if I had known of Hubbard’s trip on the left hand path and his incorporation of Crowley’s magic concepts in the path he said he’d taped for us. I know a lot more now about Crowley and magic than I did when I got into Scientology, but still will not knowingly pursue that path.

  2. Fr. L.P. says:


    I will be following this website with great interest to see what information you glean from the Warburg.

    As far as OTO members are concerned, the Babalon Working (including Liber 156) and Hubbard’s theft from Parsons has been common knowledge for decades. Scn can write letters denying it, but we know the truth. What comes from the Warburg, however, is of great interest to us from a historical perspective.

    Although we’re not combatants in this fight, and frankly a number of us are tired of people using the OTO and Crowley as a stick to beat Scn with, we are nonetheless no fans of Hubbard and I am glad you two are working to disseminate this information here.

    In Nomine Babalon,

    Fr. Luciftias Peripsol, OTO
    who was initiated into the Order by Fr. Ben He in 1996,
    who was initiated into the Order by Fr. Hymenaeus Alpha 777 in 1980,
    who was initiated into the Order by Fr. Belarion (Jack Parsons) in 1943.

  3. Craig Branch says:

    Check out my series on Hubbard, including the story titled “Hubbard’s Magic” at