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Book: The Key to the Abyss

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The Babalon Working In 1946, Jack Parsons went alone into the Mojave Desert and made contact with a force he identified as the Mother of Abominations in the Book of Revelation. Parsons recorded the event in what became one of the most notorious documents in the history of Western Occultism; Liber 49, the Book of Babalon. A star from heaven fallen 1n 1909 Aleister Crowley performed a ritual that mirrored an event described in the Book of Revelation; the opening of the Abyss. He spoke the words that evoked the Abyss, allowing the Demon Choronzon to manifest on Earth for the first time in recorded history. The Black Pilgrimage With Liber 49 as his guide, Parsons began a series of ritual experiments that would continue throughout the remainder of his tragic life. In 1949 he went “into the Sunset” to the edge of the universe and there received the Secret of Secrets, the Key to the Abyss. Includes Concordance with English Kabbalah values for Liber Al vel Legis and Liber 491, 2

Testa, A. (2006). The Key of the Abyss. lulu.com.  Retrieved 27 May 2010 from  http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/the-key-of-the-abyss/533052


  1. As a cautionary note, the author writes in a footnote on page 9 that it is safe to obtain materials from the Church, and that “they will not track you through the mail and induct you into their mind-control cult.” Scientology of course maintains files on all their book buyers and uses their “central files” for recruitment and commercial purposes.
  2. Most of Hubbard’s materials have been leaked since this book was published.

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