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Body Thetan (Scientology)

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Source: HCOB 5 September 1970 II Secret Definitions Sect III

For the purpose of clarity, by BODY THETAN is meant a thetan1 who is stuck to another thetan or body but is not in control.

Source: HCOB 4 May 1968 Confidential Character of Body Thetans

Body thetans are just thetans. When you get rid of one he goes off and possibly squares around, picks up a body or admires daisies. He is in fact a sort of cleared being.

He cannot fail to eventually, if not at once, regain many abilities. Many have been asleep for the last 75 million years. 2

A body thetan responds to any process any thetan responds to.

Some body thetans are suppressive.3 A suppressive is Out of Valence4 in R6.5 He is IN valence in Inc I6 almost always.

One can’t run a human being on these two incidents since human beings are composites and would not be able to run the lot.7

Aside from that non-clears are away below an awareness required to even find these incidents.

Huge amounts of charge8 have already been removed from the case and the body thetans by Clearing and OT 1 and OT 2 to say nothing of engrams and lower grades.

Awareness is proportional to the charge removed from the case.

All though a human being is a composite being there is only one I ( that is you ) who runs things.

Body thetans just hold one back. […]


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