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Article: Spiritual Entrapment by MEST

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The creation and animation of life forms is part of the process by which theta accomplishes its goal in the physical universe, which is the conquest of MEST—expressed in some religions as a conflict between order and chaos. This goal is made necessary by the fact that the physical universe—MEST—tends to encumber the thetan and cause it to act contrary to its true spiritual nature.1

Although Scientologists hold that the immortal thetan is intrinsically good, Scientology posits that he has lost his spiritual identity and operates at a small fraction of his natural ability. It is this loss of spiritual identity that causes man to be unhappy or to act irrationally and with evil intent, even though he is inherently good and highly ethical.

This “fall from perfection” is not due to Satan’s intervention or man’s natural evil impulses, as Judeo-Christian-Muslim religious theology maintains. Rather, Scientology postulates that it is caused by the thetan’s own experiences, whether in current or prior lives. As these experiences accumulate over time, they cause the thetan to become enmeshed with the material universe.

It is through Scientology’s central religious practices, as described in Chapter III, that the thetan is able to extricate himself from this entrapment. This is analogous to the concept of salvation found in other religions.2

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  1. See definition: Theta MEST theory. Hubbard published his Theta-MEST theory in Science of Survival.
  2. Extrication involves erasing engrams with Dianetics and blowing off (banishing) legions of dead, degraded, evil and unconscious body thetans at OT 3 and above on Hubbard’s “Bridge to Total Freedom.”

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