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ARC (Scientology)

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Source: Hubbard, L. (1979 ) Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary, Los Angeles, Church of Scientology of California

ARC, 1. a word from the initial letters of Affinity, Reality, Communication which together equate to Understanding. It is pronounced by stating its letters, A-R-C. To Scientologists it has come to mean good feeling, love or friendliness, such as “He was in ARC with his friend.” One does not, however, fall out of ARC, he has an ARC break. (LRH Def. Notes) 2. ARC=Understanding and Time. A=Space and the willingness to occupy the same space of. R=Mass or agreement. C=Energy or Recognition. (HCOB 27 Sept 68 II) 3. affinity is a type of energy and can be produced at will. Reality is agreement; too much agreement under duress brings about the banishment of one’s entire consciousness. Communication, however, is far more important than affinity or reality, for it is the operation, the action by which one experiences emotion and by which one agrees. (PAB 1) 4. the triagonal manifestation of theta each aspect affecting the other two. (SOS Gloss)

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