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Anchor Point (Scientology)

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Source: Hubbard, L. (1979 ) Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary, Los Angeles, Church of Scientology of California

ANCHOR POINTS, 1. assigned or agreed-upon points of boundary, which are conceived to be motionless by the individual. (PDC 13) 2. points which are anchored in a space different to the physical universe space around a body. (FOT, p. 63)1 3. those places which we called in Advanced  Procedures and Axioms the sub-brains of the body; control centers, epicenters. (5410ClOD) 4. the points which mark an area of space are called anchor points, and these, with the viewpoint, alone are responsible for space. (Scn Jour, Iss 14-G) 5. a specialized kind of dimension point. (Scn 8-8008, p. 16) 2 6. any kind of a point, any kind of a particle, any kind of electron, or anything which anybody believes is an actual point. There is nothing more real than a real anchor point. (2ACC-lA 5311CM17)


  1. For a diagram see Theta and the Mest Body.
  2. See The Factors for more on dimension points.

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