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The Conscious Interlude by Ralph M. Lewis, F.R.C.

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The philosophical mind will accept the law of the triangle. Each of us demonstrates this law in various ways in our daily lives. We know, for example, that every effect is dependent upon two points of the triangle. There are two causes, as we may call them—one active and one relatively passive. We speak of the third point of the triangle as being the point of manifestation. When there is any change in the unity of these two points or if they are separated, then the effect which followed from the unity is either changed or it ceases to be.

Lewis, R. M. (1957). The conscious interlude. San Jose, Calif: Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC. The Conscious Interlude[pdf]


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  1. […] The two triangles are the most common philosophic triangles in Scientology, and act in virtually the same way as do Rosicrucian philosophic triangles. […]

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