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Scientology ad: Dissemination and Help Lectures

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Ad for Dissemination and Help lectures (2004)

Ad for Dissemination and Help lectures (2004)

Hubbard knew that if his disseminators could get their prospects to discuss the topic of “help” or “helping,” and if they could get them to disclose personal or private problems in the discussion, it would create an opening to drive home that those problems were ruining their lives. The final step was to get the marks to buy Scientology books or services to avail themselves of the only workable solution to those problems.

The “Deadly Quartet” is the magical four part formula Hubbard talked about in this lecture series about dissemination. Scientologists study this material on their dissemination courses. From one lecture in the series:1

By conversation it would have been necessary to get the person to admit that help (on anything) was possible. This done, it would be necessary to exert a little control of the conversation or the person. Following this, a willingness for the person to talk to you and confess a few worries or upsets or, better, overts [crimes], would have to be managed. Then interest would come about.[…]

The technical facts of dissemination are these:
1. Establish Help
2. Establish Control
3. Establish Communication
4. Establish Interest

At last we’ve created the basic weapon in Scientology dissemination and processing that makes us a lot more effective on Earth than a lot of drooling politicians scrubbing their hands around an atomic warhead. By golly, they better watch out now.

But don’t tell them. Just run (1) Help, (2) Control, (3) Communication and (4) Interest.

Now go tackle somebody who wouldn’t buy Scientology—use the Deadly Quartet. And win! — L. Ron Hubbard2

  1. Lecture: How to “Sell” Scientology to Your Friends
  2.   Hubbard Dissemination Course © 1986


One Response to “Scientology ad: Dissemination and Help Lectures”
  1. J. Swift says:

    Evolution long ago equipped the human mind with spam and cult filters that learn and adapt over time. However, like an immune system compromised in a physically unhealthy person, a person who is emotionally unhealthy has weakened neural spam and cult filters. Such a person can be compromised and recruited. by cults. Knowing this, Hubbard advises Scientologists to “go tackle” people using “the basic weapon in Scientology dissemination.” Hubbard’s language here indicates that people do not want to buy Scientology but can be made to do so if they have a Scientology weapon employed against them that is based upon exploiting vulnerabilities in people.

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