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Definition of Tone 40; Tone 40 Auditing; Tone 40 Book and Bottle, Tone 40 Command, Tone 40 8-C (Scientology)

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Source: Hubbard, L. (1979) Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary, Publications Organization

TONE 40,1. defined as “giving a command and just knowing that it will be executed despite any contrary appearances.” Tone 40 is positive postulating. (PAB 133) 2. a positive postulate with no counter-thought expected, anticipated or anything else; that is, total control. (PAB 152) 3. an execution of intention. (HCOB 23 Aug 65) 4. means unlimited space at will. (5707C25)

TONE 40 AUDITING, 1. positive, knowing, predictable control toward the preclear’s willingness to be at cause concerning his body and his attention. (HCOB 3 Jul 59) 2. control by direct tone 40 command. (HCOB 2 Apr 58)

TONE 40 BOOK AND BOTTLE, is not Opening Procedure by Duplication. You have to be ready to assume total control of the preclear to run tone 40 Book and Bottle. The commands are the same, except that you never acknowledge anything but the execution of the auditing commands. (PAB 153)

TONE 40 COMMAND, intention without reservation. (HCOB 1 Dec 65)

TONE 40 8-C, a total accurate estimation of effort with no halts or jagged motions—that is, smooth. (PAB 152)

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